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Attendance management software that logs entrances
and exits of their workers in the cloud.

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Content related to professional/social sphere User,
schedulable in the native calendar smartphone.
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We have extensive experience in developing solutions
tailored, simple, innovative, effective and
appropriate to our clients.

Web design and information systems

We specialise in web design and web information systems. Develop any solution in the web environment.

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diagnosis, action plans and technology solutions

The NameIT offers a wide range of IT consulting services designed to help companies develop and implement strategies for your business.

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applications for mobile devices

We design and develop applications for mobile devices. The NameIT specialises in website development, mobile applications and design for iPad, iPhone and Android devices in the language (HTML5).

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Our Team

Jorge Bento
Jorge Bento
José Amado
José Amado
Senior Consultant
Duarte Costa
Duarte Costa
Inês Gil
Marketing and Communication
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